Travel with Laia's team

Viaja con Laia (literally translated Travel with Laia) borns in 2022 and the founder, you can guess, is called Laia and in reality she started working as a tourist guide in Bologna much before, in 2019.

Now we are a team but before to present ourselves we would like to tell you what are our values and what pushes us to do with so much pleasure this job every day with the rain or the sun, in high or low season, for two as for 50 persons.



Todos nuestros tours son realizados por guías profesionales según las normas europeas.



We want to be your best friends in your travel so as to make your experience in Italy the best possible.



We believe a tour is moment for learning first but it doens't have to be boring, it can also be fun and joyfull.



La organización, la puntualidad y el estudio de los recorridos son el centro de nuestro servicio.



Fundadora y guía turistica

Mi favourite quote? "Live as if you had to die tomorrow, learn as if you have to live forever."

I studied tourism in Barcelona and went to Londres and then Edimburgh a few months to improve my English. Overthere I ended making moslty italian friends so i learned little english but got very interested in italian lenguage and culture.

So I decided to move to Bologna, a marvellous city, where I started a new life.

In the beginning i worked as a waitress but I always knew I wanted to be a tourist guide.

One day some relatives of mine came to visit and I created for them a tour of Bologna so that they could see al the best things in a short time. They were amazed by the tour and they motivated me to keep following my dream.

With some efforts I achieved the title of guide and started to work in something I really liked.

Months passed and my tours got better and better as I made more experience as a guide.

It hasn't always been easy... personal matters and than the Covid pandemic put me a great crisis. I had to choose: stay and keep building my dream or go back to Spain and family....

As you see i decided to stay and so here I am, involved in a project that everyday gives me new satisfacions and challenges.



Guía turistica

¡Hola a todo el mundo!

Vengo de la provincia de una pequeña ciudad llamada Milán.. ¿la conocen?

Since when I was a child I love to discover and reveal the beauties that surround me. So much that I decided to study tourism to become a tour leader and have the opportunity, to welcome and lead you on this walk, today, to discover the secrets of our cities.

I speak several languages and the thing I like most is when I see someone smiling at some of my’s always nice seeing people getting fun.
Without further ado.. let's start walking and discovering together.

¡Os espero!



Web y marketing

Hi! I'm the italian of the team. Born in Milan but cosmopolitan inside.

I work in marketing and comunication in various sectors but the project of Viaja con Laia has a special place in my hearth.

Speaking about me I love wine, running, motorbiking and travelling...