Las diez cosas que ver absolutamente si visitas Verona por la primera vez.

¡Más bonus para amantes de caminar!


Verona is one of my favorite cities in northern Italy, not to mention all of Italy.

the reason?

Its romantic charm above all, but it is also a place of great elegance and full of unexpected beauties concentrated in such a small town.

The first time I was in Verona, although I had heard very well of it, I was very positively surprised and I think the ideal time to enjoy it is a weekend.

Better if it’s with your partner, to enjoy the romance that offers you.

In fact, Verona is famous for hosting the events of Romeo and Juliet narrated by Shakespeare in the famous tragedy and for the shades of pink ? of the stone with which some historical buildings of the city are built, such as the imposing Arena.

But if you’re not here for love, don’t worry! In fact Verona is also a gold mine for lovers of good food, here you can find an article about the typical dishes of Verona, but above all it is one of the most renowned areas for wine in Italy and also talking about wine you can find a lot of information in this article.

Arena Verona
Arena Verona

As you can see in Verona there is something for everyone:


Además de no perderte lo mejor que Verona puede ofrecer si quieres saber los secretos y la curiosidades que esconde y conocer más de su historia sign up here for one of our Verona freetour and you’ll be on the safe side.

That said, with a little planning in just one day you can enjoy the best that Verona has to offer and take home a beautiful memory of this city.


So I propose my personal tour, which I would absolutely do if I had about 8 hours to visit the city of Verona for the first time.


An important premise: I really like walking and walking (that’s why I do walking tours). So the tour is designed for walking. I think it allows you to live a city of art much better, enjoying metro to metro of its architecture and its particularities.

Verona stile neoclassico

So let’s get a map...


...and we start planning our visit to Verona in one day:


  1. Arena di Verona
  2. Visit the House of Giulietta
  3. Romeo's house
  4. Tombs of the Scaligeri and the church of Santa Maria Antica
  5. Piazza dei Signori
  6. Torre Lomberti y el Palazzio de la Ragione
  7. Santa Anastasia Church
  8. Santa Maria Matricolare Cathedral
  9. Old Bridge
  10. Verona's Castle
Laia a Verona

BONUS for unstoppable walkers:


Climb to the terrace of Castel San Pietro and enjoy the best viewpoint over the city of Verona, with a wide view of the river Adige that revolves around the city.

One more piece of advice?

Go at sunset and enjoy the colour shades of the ceilings and the water!

Now you know all the fundamental things for a day or a weekend discovering Verona and I am sure that this city will be able to love as it did me with its pink tones ?? and its rich and fascinating history.