When I travel through cities of art, whether in Italy or in other countries, I always like to look for a panoramic point.

A point from the heights, that allows me to see the whole city and live the sunset making the best photos of my travel.

Seeing the city from the heights from a good viewpoint seems to me that I understand it more in its entirety and sometimes they are the most beautiful memories that I take home.

For these reasons, I am here, writing this article where I will show you the best aria viewpoints of Bologna.

To find any of these places you have to work a little and walk as is the case of the Asinelli Tower. Others can be reached by walking outdoors or with the different transports that facilitate us in the city, so here I leave you the essential viewpoints of the city of Bologna.

Asinelli Tower.

The Asinelli Tower is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic symbols of the city along with its little sister, the Garisenda Tower.

Since it was completed as we see it today it has always been the tallest tower in the city with 97.20 meters high and today it is still the tallest building within the historic center of the city bordered by the ancient medieval walls.

Based on various sources, the tower was completed in 1119. Stable and in excellent condition, even with its more than two meters of inclination, today is the most demanded panoramic. And, is that, you can climb on foot to the top!

The price is 5? (3? if you are a student) and you need to book online or at the tourist information points of the city. But prepare yourselves, because it has more than five hundred steps to climb and another five hundred to go down, but I assure you it is worth it.

Torre Prendiparte

Oltre ad essere una delle torre più antiche e meglio conservate del centro storico ha anche un’altra caratteristica unica, è stato ristrutturato per essere usato come appartamento ed è affittable su airbnb e altre piattaforme in diversi periodi dell’anno.

También puede subir para ver la vista desde sus 60 metros de altura en el centro y echar un vistazo a la casa, las visitas están disponibles solo con reserva el domingo y se puede reservar aquí https://www.succedesoloabologna.it/prendiparte-sky-experience/

Sanctuary of San Luca.

Para los amantes de las caminatas y del aire libre, os ofrezco un paseo mientras que bajáis la Lasaña que habréis disfrutado comiendo en la ciudad. No os preocupéis, no os hablo de un maratón. Tampoco necesitáis ser grandes deportistas, solo zapatos cómodos, un poco de agua y las ganas de disfrutar al máximo de uno de los destinos más fascinantes de la ciudad.

In Porta Saragozza begins our way, are four kilometers of arcades uninterrupted between the streets of the city (the longest in the world) and take us to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca, whose first stone was placed in 1194, under the blessing of Pope Celestine III.

San Luca is a place of worship full of history and symbolism that has always occupied a special place in the heart of all Bolognese and those who love this city. In addition to this, it offers a spectacular view over the Bolognese hills. 

For these and more reasons, I have decided to create a special tour for this place. So if you are ready, click here to learn more about the San Luca Tour we have organized in Travel with Laia!

PS: Shall I tell you a secret? If you walk a few meters to the parking on the left you will get to the best viewpoint of San Luca, all surrounded by forests and nature

Complex of San Michele in Bosco (Saint Michel in the woods).

For those who want to take a short walk and find themselves where the Bolognese hills begin, you should definitely visit San Michele.

San Michele in Bosco is the seat of an ancient monastery and now also of one of the most important hospitals in the city. From San Michele you can admire the whole city from very close while you are immersed in the green hills.

The most impressive? It is located just 25 minutes walk from Piazza Maggiore!


The Clock Tower.

Do you want to see Piazza Maggiore from a privileged point of view and feel the lords of the city? Then you have to climb the historic Torre Dell? Orologio, which is part of the complex of Communal Museums.

All inclusive costs 8? and for the richness of the place, I would certainly personally recommend this museum. 

Park of Villa Ghigi.

Finally, are you looking for a place for a relaxing walk through a natural space? A place for a summer picnic? Then Villa Ghigi is the place you’re looking for. A place a few steps from the center of Bologna that will take you to several viewpoints on the slopes of the Bolognese hills, with its historic villas and immersed 100% in nature.


To enjoy the best viewpoints of Bologna this is all you need to know and if you come to discover this magnificent city I think at least You should see these places.

¡Meanwhile, we wait for you in Bologna!